Christie is always happy to share her knowledge of Park County history, although it is by no means exhaustive.  She seeks out the many other local historians for help with her research topics.  Her love of learning about the county's vast differences shines through as she shares her knowledge via this website, appearances and other contacts.

Christie (LeMaire) Wright is a Colorado "semi-native," moving to her adopted state from Illinois after college. Thus armed for her foray into Colorado's criminal justice system, she worked for twenty-two years as a State probation officer. The author estimates her professional life has intersected with around 9,000 convicted felons from all walks of life, ranging from bad check writers all the way to murderers. Combining her knowledge of the criminal courts with her history sense soon created the idea for "South Park Perils."

When people learn Christie has never lived or worked in the county and has no family ties there, they typically ask, "Why are you so interested in Park County's history?"  Her best answer is that her heart has found a home in Park County and that its history is alive! 

Read how she makes it so in this new book.
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